Sightseeing hints in Porto
Cathedral, Clergymen Church and Tower, Carmo Church, Cedofeita Church, Lapa Church, Santo Ildefonso Church,
S. Francisco Church, S. Bento Station, Stock Exchange Palace, Ponte D. Luis I., Ribeira The city’s historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1996.

Museums in Porto
The Port Wine Museum, Casa do Infante (House of the Prince), Romantic Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha, Soares dos Reis National Museum and Misericordia Museum

Porto is located between Douro and Minho, the cradle of the Portuguese nationality. Among the city's many cultural traditions we emphasise its much-celebrated gastronomy and the appeal it has for visitors.

When talking about Porto we must mention some traditional dishes, such as the Porto Style Tripe, which gave the city's inhabitants their nickname - tripeiros - i.e. those who eat tripe.

This dish, famous not so much for its preparation (veal's tripe with sausages and butter beans) as for the altruistic attitude of the Porto people who, in a moment of need, donated all the available meat to the ships leaving to conquer new cities in Northern Africa and kept only the animals' tripe for their subsistence, is today's major symbol of the city's gastronomy. More than just a recipe, this dish represents some strong characteristics of the Northern people: altruism, self-sacrifice, availability and hospitality.

Porto's cod and meat dishes and some luscious and rich secular cakes are singled out as examples. Porto Style eating means to eat abundantly, with great quality and refinement, always in tables well decorated with jewellers' silverware and embroidered linen tablecloths.

Wines from the Douro region are beginning to be accepted as some of Portugal's finest. Although excellent white wines are produced here, the area is best known for its great reds.

Sightseeing hints close to Porto
Espinho, Matosinhos, Povoa de Varzim, Amarante, Vila Nova de Gaia.




Porto - European Best Destination 2014 from Atmos Aerial Filming on Vimeo.


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