Scientific Programme

The Congress scientific Programme will comprise plenary sessions with lectures by invited speakers, oral presentations, poster sessions and special interest meetings.

It has been the intention of the Organizing Committee to include in the programme the possibility of organizing workshops on topics such as teaching of Mycology, special groups in systematics, a bank of "supply and demand" for jobs and scholarships in mycology, among others. The implementation of these initiatives will depend on the express adhesion of participants who are interested in them. The consultation will be launched with the presentation of the Congress program.

Scientific and General Programmes *

Download the latest version of the scientific programme in pdf format.
This document and more detailed information are available in the Book of Abstracts (digital format) that will be handed to the participants in a pen drive .
A general programme printed in pocket format will be distributed with the participant’s documentation.

*The programme may be subject to changes


Invited Speakers

Distinguished scientists “working with fungi” were invited to make their contribution to the XVII CEM plenary sessions. An effort was made to cover thematic areas that have not been widely addressed in the past. The invited speakers in alphabetical order are:

Alan Gange
Head of the School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, UK
Webpage: b6bb263b5282.html
Theme: Host shifts in fungi due to climate change
Alessandra Zambonelli
Associate Professor at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bologna, Italy
Theme: Current status of truffle cultivation: recent results and future perspectives
Alison Bennett
Research scientist at The James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland, UK
Theme: Searching for generality in multi-trophic fungal interactions: Implications for invasions and agriculture
Stephen Woodward
Professor at the University of Aberdeen, Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Department of Plant and Soil Science, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Theme: Alien invasive pathogens threatening Europe’s forest ecosystems
William Purvis
Proprietor of consultancy 'Lichen Matters', 2 Rambler Close, Taplow, Berkshire, UK
Theme: 20 Year's Monitoring Lichens under Global Environmental Change

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