20th Congress EADV - Lisbon - October 2011 - Portugal
20th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - Lisbon - October 2011
EADV Congress LISBON 2011

Sunday – 23 October



C15  Bacterial and Viral Diseases
Chair: E. Tschachler (Vienna, Austria)

Co-chair: M. Bylaite (Vilnius, Lithuania)

C16  The Immune System and Autoimmune Diseases
Chair: J. Bos (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Co-chair: J. Narbutt (Lodz, Poland

C17  Phototherapy
Chair: H. Hönigsmann (Vienna, Austria)
Co-chair: S. Ibbotson (Dundee, UK)

C18  Very Best in Dermatology 2010: pick-ups from literature
Chairs: G. Zambruno (Rome, Italy)

L. Borradori (Bern, Switzerland)

C19  Advanced Cosmetic Surgery
Chair: G. Sattler (Darmstadt, Germany)

Co-chair: P. Bjerring (Risskov, Denmark)


CL02  Lasers in Dermatology
Chair: M. Correia (Lisbon, Portugal)
Chair: C. Dierickx (Ghent, Belgium)
Co-chair: K. Fritz (Landau, Germany)
Co-chair: L. Marini (Trieste, Italy)

CL03 Classical Advanced Dermatological Surgery
Chair: A. Picoto (Lisbon, Portugal)
          Chair: J. Alcalay (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Co-chair: J. Pignatelli (Lisbon, Portugal)

Co-chair: R. Vieira (Coimbra, Portugal)

Co-chair: G. Krekels (Eindhoven, Netherlands)


S21 Pitfalls in Melanoma Diagnosis
         Chair: C. Garbe (Tubingen, Germany)
         Co-chair: L. Thomas (Lyon, France)
         Co-Chair: P. Soyer (Woolloongabba, Australia)

S22 Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions
         Chair: M. Mockenhaupt (Freiburg, Germany)
         Co-chair: V. Descamps (Paris, France)
         Co-chair: S. Segaert (Leuven, Belgium)

S23  Panniculitis
         Chair: B. Cribier (Strasbourg, France)
         Co-chair: C. Popescu (Bucharest, Romania)
         Co-chair: E. Laffitte (Geneve, Switzerland)

S24  Dermatology of the Immunosuppressed
         Chair: G.M. Murphy (Dublin, Ireland)
         Co-chair: E. Stockfleth (Berlin, Germany)
         Co-chair: C. Proby (Dundee, UK)

S25  Travellers Dermatology
         Chair: TBA
         Co-chair: G. Leal (Fortaleza, Brazil)
         Co-chair: A. Morrone (Rome, Italy)

S26  Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals
         Chair: Z.D. Draelos (High Point, USA)
         Co-chair: T. Agner (Copenhagen, Denmark)
         Co-chair: A. Rougier (Asnières, France)

S27  Contact Dermatitis
         Chair: M. Gonçalo (Coimbra, Portugal)
         Co-chair: T. Rustemeyer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
         Co-chair: P. Susitaival (Joensuu, Finland)

S28 ESDR Symposium 
        EADV Chair: A.M. Ranki (Helsinki, Finland) 
         ESDR Chair: T. Biedermann (Tübingen, Germany) 
S29 New Treatment Options for Epithelial Skin Cancers
Chair: A. Stratigos (Athens, Greece)
         Co-chair: R. Hunger (Bern, Switzerland)
         Co-chair: A.M. Wennberg (Gothenburg, Sweden)
S30 Autoimmune Bullous Diseases 
Chair: M. Jonkman (Groningen, Netherlands)
         Co-chair: B. Marinovic (Zagreb, Croatia)
         Co-chair: D. Zillikens (Lübeck, Germany)
S31 Psoriasis
Chair: J. Barker (London, UK)
Co-chair: G. Marques Pinto (Lisbon, Portugal)
         Co-chair: W-H Boehncke (Frankfurt, Germany)
S32 Photosensitivity and Photosensitive Dermatosis
Chair: J. Ferguson (Dundee, UK)
         Co-chair: R. Spiewak (Krakow, Poland)
         Co-chair: T. Schwarz (Kiel, Germany)

W16 Physical Methods of Therapy – Update – Electrocoagulation, Cryotherapy, Radiation 
Chair: P. Pasquali (Cambrils, Spain)
         Co-chair: J. A. Amaro (Lisbon, Portugal) 
W17 Dermatology in Latin America (CILAD)
Chair: F. Gatti (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
         Co-chair: J. Ocampo-Candiani (Monterrey, Mexico) 
W18 Topical Immunomodulation
Chair: T. Ruzicka (Munich, Germany)
         Co-chair: J. Lipozencic (Zagreb, Croatia)
W19 CME-CPD Session
Chair: TBA
         Co-chair: TBA 
W20 Neutrophilic Dermatoses
Chair: D. Wallach (Paris, France)
         Co-chair: A.V. Marzano (Milan, Italy) 
W21 New Imaging Techniques in Dermatology
Chair: G. Jemec (Copenhagen, Denmark)
         Co-chair: G. Pellacani (Modena, Italy) 
W22 Lyme Disease
Chair: J. Hercogová (Prague, Czech Republic)
         Co-chair: B. Zelger (Innsbruck, Austria) 
W23 Sclerodermatous Diseases
Chair: T. Krieg (Cologne, Germany)
         Co-chair: J. P. Freitas (Lisbon, Portugal) 
W24 Neurobiology of the Skin
Chair: T. Luger (Munster, Germany)
         Co-chair: M. Castelo-Branco (Coimbra, Portugal)

W25 Pearls in Dermatopathology
Chair: E. Calonje (London, UK)
         Co-chair: L. Soares de Almeida (Lisbon, Portugal)

PL07 Genetic and Tumorigenesis. From Melanocytic Nevi to Melanoma
         M. Sobrinho Simões (Oporto, Portugal)
PL08 Lasers for Dermatology – Towards the Future
         M. Adatto (Geneva, Switzerland)
PL09 From the Bench to the Practitioner. What’s new and exciting for the Future?
         S. Katz (Bethesda, USA)

TY04 Paedriatic Cases - What’s your Diagnosis?
         M. Rybojad (Paris, France)
TY05 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What’s your Diagnosis?
         S. Fouéré (Paris, France) S. Katz (Bethesda, USA)

FS11 Hidradenitis Suppurativa
         J. Revuz (Creteil, Paris)
FS12 Botulinum Toxin in Dermatology
FS13 Tattoo Removal. Still a Challenge
         J. Serup (Charlottenlund, Denmark)
FS14 Patch and Photo-patch Testing – New Allergens
         A. Goossens (Leuven, Belgium)
FS15 How to Organise a Dermatological Office?
         R. Ostendorf (Mönchengladbach, Germany)

F05 Genetic Tumour Syndromes – How to Recognize and Manage them?
D. Hohl (Lausanne, Switzerland)
F06 How to Manage Hyperhydrosis?
R. Kaufmann (Frankfurt, Germany)

CV02 Melanoma and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Chair For: TBA 
        Chair Against: TBA


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