20th Congress EADV - Lisbon - October 2011 - Portugal
20th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - Lisbon - October 2011
EADV Congress LISBON 2011

Friday, 21 October

08h00 - Opening of the Exhibition
11h15 - 12h15 - Light brunch at the Exhibition Area


C01 Advanced Dermatoscopy (Interactive)
      Chair: R. Braun (Zurich, Switzerland)
      Co-chair: L. Rudnicka (Warsaw, Poland)
C02 Dermatopathology
      Chair: J. Kanitakis (Lyon, France)
      Co-chair: E. Vale (Lisbon, Portugal)
C03 Cutaneous Oncology
      Chair: A. Hauschild (Kiel, Germany)
      Co-chair: J-J Grob (Marseille, France)
C04 Genetics and Genetic Diseases of the Skin
      Chair: TBA
      Co-chair: F. Caux (Paris, France)
C05 Basic Dermatological Surgery
      Chair: I. Juhasz (Debrecen, Hungary)
      Co-chair: G. Reuter (Strasbourg, France)
C06 STD & AIDS – from Clinic to Laboratory and back to the Clinic
      Chair: G. S. Tiplica (Bucharest, Romania)
      Co-chair: S. Barton (London, UK)
C06 STD & AIDS – from Clinic to Laboratory and back to the Clinic
      Chair: G. S. Tiplica (Bucharest, Romania)
      Co-chair: S. Barton (London, UK)
C07 Paediatric Dermatology
      Chair: C. Bodemer (Paris, France)
      Co-chair: C. Gelmetti (Milan, Italy)
C08 Phlebology in Dermatology
      Chair: M. Neumann (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
      Co-chair: J. Hafner (Zurich, Switzerland)

S01 Acne
      Chair: B. Dreno (Nantes, France)
      Co-chair: A. Massa (Porto, Portugal)
      Co-chair: A. Layton (Harrogate, UK)
S02 Epidemiology of Skin Diseases
      Chair: L. Naldi (Bergamo, Italy)
      Co-chair: T. Diepgen (Heidelberg, Germany)
      Co-chair: P-J Coenraads (Gröningen, Netherlands)
S03 Atopic Dermatitis
      Chair: S. Reitamo (Helsinki, Finland)
      Co-chair: N. Reynolds (Newcastle, UK)
      Co-chair: A. Mota (Porto, Portugal)
S04 Pediatric Dermatology
      Chair: A. Taieb (Bordeaux, France)
      Co-chair: Z.S. Szalai (Budapest, Hungary)
      Co-chair: A. Pierini (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
S05 Psychosomatic Factors in Dermatological Diseases
Chair: R Tavares-Bello (Lisbon, Portugal) 
      Co-chair: U. Gieler (Giessen, Germany)
      Co-chair: F. Poot (Charleroi, Belgium)
S06 Nail Pathology – Diagnosis and Treatment
       Chair: J. Andre (Brussels, Belgium)
       Co-chair: E. Haneke (Freiburg, Germany)
       Co-chair: O. Correia (Porto, Portugal)
S07 Lupus Erythematosus. The Skin and Beyond
       Chair: M. Marques Gomes (Lisbon, Portugal)
       Co-chair: F. Nyberg (Uppsala, Sweden)
       Co-chair: J. Dutz (Vancouver, Canada)
S08 Facial Dermatoses
       Chair: H Gollnick (Magdeburg, Germany)
       Co-chair: Z. Bukvic-Mokos (Zagreb, Croatia)
       Co-chair: C. De Cuyper (Brussels, Belgium)
S09 Tropical Dermatology
       Chair: O. Lupi (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
       Co-chair: TBA
       Co-chair: TBA

W01 Media Workshop
        Chair: C. O’ Mahoney (Chester, UK)
        Co-chair: M-G Trakatelli (Thessaloniki, Greece)
W02 Pregnancy Dermatoses and their Management
        Chair: S. Aractingi (Paris, France)
        Co-chair: F. Wojnarowska (Oxford, UK)
W03 How far can we go in Photodynamic Therapy
        Chair: R.M. Szeimies (Recklinghausen, Germany)
        Co-chair: C. Brito (Braga, Portugal)
W04 Follow-up on Nevi
        Chair: R. Kittler (Vienna, Austria)
        Co-chair: O. Gaide (Geneva, Switzerland) 
W05 Urethritis
        Chair: D. Freedman (Dublin, Ireland)
        Co-chair: C. Lisboa (Oporto, Portugal)
W06 Mohs Surgery in Europe
        Chair: J. Paoli (Gothenburg, Sweden)
        Co-chair: A. Camps-Fresneda (Barcelona, Spain)
W07 Lymphoma
        Chair: N. Pimpinelli (Florence, Italy)
        Co-chair: F. Sachse (Lisboa, Portugal)


PL01  Frontiers of Dermatology
K. Wolff (Vienna, Austria)

PL02 New Therapies for Inherited Skin Diseases
J. McGrath (London, UK)

PL03 Oncogenic Viruses
H. Zur Hausen (Frankfurt, Germany)

TY01 Dermatology and Internal Medicine

FS01 Management of Acne in Adult Female
         J. Pace (Naxxar, Malta)
FS02 HPV and the Skin 
         G. Gross (Rostock, Germany)
FS03 Management of Dyschromia
         J-P Ortonne (Marseille, France)
FS04 Advanced Techniques in Interventional Aesthetics of the Aging Face
         A. Alomar (Barcelona, Spain)

FS05 New Emerging Diseases in Dermatopathology with Impact on Clinical Management
         F. Rongioletti (Genova, Italy)

F01 Safety Issues with Biologics Therapy in Psoriasis
       J. Prinz (Munich, Germany)
F02 Teaching in Dermatology: Tools, Pearls and Pitfalls
        A. Giannetti (Modena, Italy)


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