20th Congress EADV - Lisbon - October 2011 - Portugal
20th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - Lisbon - October 2011
EADV Congress LISBON 2011
The Opening Ceremony of the 20th EADV Congress will take place in the historic bullring located in Campo Pequeno (the city area constructed in the fifties) on Thursday - 20 October at 17h30.


Lisbon's bullring was built between 1890 and 1892 as part of the project designed by the Portuguese architect António José Dias da Silva. His design was inspired by the bullring of Madrid, by Emilio Rodriguez Ayuso, later demolished. The style is the neo-Mudéjar, a Romantic style inspired by the old Arab architecture from Iberia. Lisbon's new bullring replaced the old one, located in the Campo de Santana.


The ceremony will feature both classical and Portuguese traditional music and the performers have been selected from the best of Portugal’s musicians

This will be a very beautiful and exciting event

Classical Metropolitan 
Orchestra of Lisbon
Portuguese Traditional 
Music “Fado” Camané
The Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa (OML) was founded in 1992 under the management of AMEC a non-profit association, and made its first public appearance on 10th June of that year with the pianist Maria João Pires as soloist. Since then, OML has developed intensive activity throughout the year, including a symphonic repertoire, chamber music and solo recitals. This innovative project combines music performance with teaching in the Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra (Academy) and the Conservatório Metropolitano de Música de Lisboa (Conservatory), both managed by AMEC. Camané is the leading male singer in the new generation of stylists in Portugal's native urban song, the Fado since his first album was released in 1995 and one of the few artists working in this very difficult area.

Camané is also one of the outstanding Portuguese singers of any generation. His voice is smooth and soulful.



Transportation facilities will be provided from the Congress Venue in Belém to the Opening Ceremony venue. Buses will leave from the Congress venue at 17h00

A welcoming cocktail will be served after the ceremony


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